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00004879cam a22006733 4500
006m d |
007cr ||| |||||
008120518s2010 xxu|||||s|||||000 ||eng|d
020 a 9783527629923c 215 (NL)
020 z 9783527324750 (print)
035 a (AU-PeEL)EBL481259
035 a (OCoLC)609684358
040 a AU-PeELb engc AU-PeELd AU-PeELd Udig
041 a eng
050 4a QD461
0820 0a 546.6812
084 a Ucea2 kssb/8 (machine generated)
100a Aresta, Michele.4 aut
2451 0a Carbon Dioxide as Chemical Feedstockh [Elektronisk resurs]
264 1a Hoboken :b Wiley-VCH,c 2010
300 a 1 online resource (416 p.)
500 a Description based upon print version of record.
505a Carbon Dioxide as Chemical Feedstock; Contents; Preface; List of Contributors; 1: Carbon Dioxide: Utilization Options to Reduce its Accumulation in the Atmosphere; 2: Utilization of Dense Carbon Dioxide as an Inert Solvent for Chemical Syntheses; 3: Autotrophic Carbon Fixation in Biology: Pathways, Rules, and Speculations; 4: Carbon Dioxide Coordination Chemistry and Reactivity of Coordinated CO2; 5: Main Group Element- and Transition Metal-Promoted Carboxylation of Organic Substrates (Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatics, and Others)
505a 6: The Chemistry of N-CO2 Bonds: Synthesis of Carbamic Acids and Their Derivatives, Isocyanates, and Ureas7: Synthesis of Linear and Cyclic Carbonates; 8: Polymers from Carbon Dioxide: Polycarbonates, Polythiocarbonates, and Polyurethanes; 9: In-Situ Study of Carbon Deposition during CO2 Reforming of Methane for Synthesis Gas Production, Using the Tapered Element Oscillation Microbalance; 10: Utilization of Carbon Dioxide through Nonthermal Plasma Approaches; 11: Photochemical, Electrochemical, and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
505a 12: Recent Scientific and Technological Developments in Electrochemical Carboxylation Based on Carbon Dioxide13: Indirect Utilization of Carbon Dioxide: Utilization of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomass; 14: Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Inorganic Carbonates: The Natural and Artificial "Weathering of Silicates"; Index;
520 a Filling the need for an up-to-date handbook, this ready reference closely investigates the use of CO2 for ureas, enzymes, carbamates, and isocyanates, as well as its use as a solvent, in electrochemistry, biomass utilization and much more.Edited by an internationally renowned and experienced researcher, this is a comprehensive source for every synthetic chemist in academia and industry.
650 4a Bioanorganische chemie.
650 4a ComposeÌs inorganiques -- SyntheÌ€se.
650 4a ComposeÌs inorganiques.
650 4a Inorganic compounds -- Synthesis.
650 4a Inorganic compounds.
650 4a Ions.
650 4a Carbon dioxide
650 4a Molecules.
650 4a Organometaalverbindingen.
655 0a Electronic books.
7760 8i Print:a Aresta, Michelet Carbon Dioxide as Chemical Feedstockd 2010z 9783527324750
8564 23 John Wileyu 856otherz Table of Contents / Abstracts
887 a {"@id":"j2vz2rlv06dbnt8","modified":"2022-06-25T12:52:31.379+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Hdiga x ab 220216||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
599 5 Hdiga SFX
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8564 05 Hdigu Tillgänglig för användare inom Stockholms universitetz Wiley Online Library - AutoHoldings Books:Full Text
887 5 Hdiga {"@id":"8pdpglqz6wpq3f7z","modified":"2022-02-16T08:08:39.117+01:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Tdiga x ab 160128||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Tdiga (ALMA)99447886802456
599 5 Tdiga ALMA
852 5 Tdigb Tdig
8564 05 Tdigu Online access for KTHBz fulltextz Wiley
887 5 Tdiga {"@id":"7clhb8gd3j1c8kh","modified":"2022-06-02T09:10:43.666+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Zdiga x ab 190209||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Zdiga (EBZ)ebs657749e
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8564 05 Zdigu Online access for Chalmersz Wiley Online Library Online Books
887 5 Zdiga {"@id":"gq754dmsdsw410t5","modified":"2022-02-18T10:37:01.806+01:00"}2 librisxl
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