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008180131s2018 enk|||||o|||||001 0|eng|c
020 a 9781788013550q ePub
020 a 1788013557q ePub
020 a 9781782626800q PDF
020 a 1782626808q PDF
020 z 1782625976 (Print)
020 z 9781782625971 (Print)
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035 a (WaSeSS)ssib030443940
040 b swed Ldige ie rda
041 a eng
0820 4a 541.36862 23/swe
084 a Uceefe2 kssb/8
2451 0a Cold chemistry :b molecular scattering and reactivity near absolute zero /c edited by Olivier Dulieu and Andreas Osterwalder.
264 1a Cambridge :b Royal Society of Chemistry,c 2018
264 4c ©2018
300 a online resource (xxi, 670 sidor)b illustrationer
336 a textb txt2 rdacontent
337 a computerb c2 rdamedia
338 a online resourceb cr2 rdacarrier
490a Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series,x 2041-319X ;v 11
505a Low-temperature Chemistry in Uniform Supersonic Flows / M. Fournier, S. D. Le Picard and I. R. Sims -- Cold Molecular Collisions: Quantum Scattering Calculations and Their Relevance in Astrophysical Applications / Jacek Kłos and François Lique -- Low-energy Scattering in Crossed Molecular Beams / C. Naulin and A. Bergeat -- Long-range Interactions Between Ultracold Atoms and Molecules / Maxence Lepers and Olivier Dulieu -- Interactions of Atoms and Molecules in Cold Chemistry / Michał Hapka and Piotr S. Żuchowski -- Effects of External Magnetic Fields on Cold Molecular Collisions / Timur V. Tscherbul -- Role of Resonances at Ultracold Temperatures / Robin Côté -- Experiments with Large Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets / Rico Mayro P. Tanyag, Curtis F. Jones, Charles Bernando, Sean M. O. O’Connell, Deepak Verma and Andrey F. Vilesov -- Molecular Impurities Interacting with a Many-particle Environment: From Ultracold Gases to Helium Nanodroplets / Mikhail Lemeshko and Richard Schmidt -- Cold Ion Chemistry / Dongdong Zhang and Stefan Willitsch -- Controlling a Quantum Gas of Polar Molecules in an Optical Lattice / Jacob P. Covey, Steven A. Moses, Jun Ye and Deborah S. Jin -- Ultracold Collisions of Molecules / Goulven Quéméner -- Coherent Control of Cold Collisions / Christiane P. Koch
520 a Recent years have seen tremendous progress in research on cold and controlled molecular collisions, both in theory and in experiment. The advent of techniques to prepare cold and ultracold molecules and ions, to store them in optical lattices or in charged quasicristalline structures, and to use them in crossed or merged beam experiments have opened many new possibilities to study the most fundamental aspects of molecular interactions. At the same time, theoretical work has made progress in tackling these problems and accurately describing quantum effects in complex systems, and in proposing viable options to control chemical reactions at ultralow energies. Through tutorials on both the theoretical and experimental aspects of research in cold and ultracold molecular collisions, this book provides advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers with the foundations needed to understand this exciting field.
599 a WaSeSS
650 0a Cryochemistry
650 4a Kryokemi
700a Dulieu, O.q (Olivier)4 edt
700a Osterwalder, Andreas4 edt
7760 8i Printt Cold chemistryz 1782625976z 9781782625971
830 0a Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series,x 2041-319X ;v 11
8564 2u Table of contents
887 a {"@id":"xg8qlgk8212g4fn","modified":"2020-06-08T11:08:23.56+02:00"}2 librisxl
976 0a Uceefeb Termokemi
841 5 Ldiga x ab 200608||0000|||||000||||||000000e u
852 5 Ldigb Ldigh Royal Society of Chemistryx hph
8564 05 Ldigu
887 5 Ldiga {"@id":"v6k2146tsbf10335","modified":"2020-06-08T11:09:10.861+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Ldixa x ab 230124||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Ldixa (EBZ)ebs15535147e
599 5 Ldixa EBZ
852 5 Ldixb Ldix
8564 05 Ldixu Online access for Lund Universityz Royal Society of Chemistry eBook Collection 2017
887 5 Ldixa {"@id":"p56p5dn3mzkjb74s","modified":"2023-01-24T16:46:22.348+01:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Lkca x ab 200608||0000|||||000||||||000000e u
852 5 Lkcb Lkch Royal Society of Chemistryx hphx lkc202006
8564 05 Lkcu
887 5 Lkca {"@id":"5hvcbh5n3n8ksjqb","modified":"2020-06-08T11:09:56.318+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Tdiga x ab 220907||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Tdiga (ALMA)99454013002456
599 5 Tdiga ALMA
852 5 Tdigb Tdig
8564 05 Tdigu Online access for KTHBz fulltextz Knovel
887 5 Tdiga {"@id":"r7p7l71kprcd4xpg","modified":"2022-09-07T08:11:51.813+02:00"}2 librisxl
841 5 Zdiga x ab 190207||0000|||||001||||||000000e u
035 5 Zdiga (EBZ)ebs15535147e
599 5 Zdiga EBZ
852 5 Zdigb Zdig
8564 05 Zdigu Online access for Chalmersz Royal Society of Chemistry eBook Collection 2017
8564 05 Zdigu Online access for Chalmersz Knovel, Academic, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
887 5 Zdiga {"@id":"8j1qk2cb6m4fbvml","modified":"2022-03-09T08:37:46.046+01:00"}2 librisxl
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