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  • Aaboud, M. (författare)

Femtoscopy with identified charged pions in proton-lead collisions at root s(NN)=5.02 TeV with ATLAS [Elektronisk resurs]

  • E-artikel/E-kapitelEngelska2017

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  • American Physical Society2017


  • LIBRIS-ID:22451946
  • urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-342080urn
  • 10.1103/PhysRevC.96.064908doi

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  • Språk:engelska

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  • <p>ATLAS Collaboration, for complete list of authors see</p><p>We thank CERN for the very successful operation of the LHC, as well as the support staff from our institutions without whom ATLAS could not be operated efficiently. We acknowledge the support of ANPCyT, Argentina; YerPhI, Armenia; ARC, Australia; BMWFW and FWF, Austria; ANAS, Azerbaijan; SSTC, Belarus; CNPq and FAPESP, Brazil; NSERC, NRC and CFI, Canada; CERN; CONICYT, Chile; CAS, MOST, and NSFC, China; COLCIENCIAS, Colombia; MSMT CR, MPO CR, and VSC CR, Czech Republic; DNRF and DNSRC, Denmark; IN2P3-CNRS, CEA-DSM/IRFU, France; SRNSF, Georgia; BMBF, HGF, and MPG, Germany; GSRT, Greece; RGC, Hong Kong SAR, China; ISF, I-CORE, and Benoziyo Center, Israel; INFN, Italy; MEXT and JSPS, Japan; CNRST, Morocco; NWO, Netherlands; RCN, Norway; MNiSW and NCN, Poland; FCT, Portugal; MNE/IFA, Romania; MES of Russia and NRC KI, Russian Federation; JINR; MESTD, Serbia; MSSR, Slovakia; ARRS and MIZŠ, Slovenia; DST/NRF, South Africa; MINECO, Spain; SRC and Wallenberg Foundation, Sweden; SERI, SNSF, and Cantons of Bern and Geneva, Switzerland; MOST, Taiwan; TAEK, Turkey; STFC, United Kingdom; DOE and NSF, United States of America. In addition, individual groups and members have received support from BCKDF, the Canada Council, CANARIE, CRC, Compute Canada, FQRNT, and the Ontario Innovation Trust, Canada; EPLANET, ERC, ERDF, FP7, Horizon 2020, and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, European Union; Investissements d'Avenir Labex and Idex, ANR, Région Auvergne, and Fondation Partager le Savoir, France; DFG and AvH Foundation, Germany; Herakleitos, Thales, and Aristeia programs cofinanced by EU-ESF and the Greek NSRF; BSF, GIF, and Minerva, Israel; BRF, Norway; CERCA Programme Generalitat de Catalunya, Generalitat Valenciana, Spain; the Royal Society and Leverhulme Trust, United Kingdom. The crucial computing support from all WLCG partners is acknowledged gratefully, in particular from CERN, the ATLAS Tier-1 facilities at TRIUMF (Canada), NDGF (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), CC-IN2P3 (France), KIT/GridKA (Germany), INFN-CNAF (Italy), NL-T1 (Netherlands), PIC (Spain), ASGC (Taiwan), RAL (UK), and BNL (USA), the Tier-2 facilities worldwide, and large non-WLCG resource providers. Major contributors of computing resources are listed in Ref. [76].</p>
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  • Bose-Einstein correlations between identified charged pions are measured for p+Pb collisions at root s(NN) = 5.02 TeV using data recorded by the ATLAS detector at the CERN Large Hadron Collider corresponding to a total integrated luminosity of 28 nb(-1). Pions are identified using ionization energy loss measured in the pixel detector. Two-particle correlation functions and the extracted source radii are presented as a function of collision centrality as well as the average transverse momentum (k(T)) and rapidity (y*(pi pi)) of the pair. Pairs are selected with a rapidity -2 &lt; y*(pi pi) &lt; 1 and with an average transverse momentum 0.1 &lt; k(T) &lt; 0.8 GeV. The effect of jet fragmentation on the two-particle correlation function is studied, and a method using opposite-charge pair data to constrain its contributions to the measured correlations is described. The measured source sizes are substantially larger in more central collisions and are observed to decrease with increasing pair k(T). A correlation of the radii with the local charged-particle density is demonstrated. The scaling of the extracted radii with the mean number of participating nucleons is also used to compare a selection of initial-geometry models. The cross term R-ol is measured as a function of rapidity, and a nonzero value is observed with 5.1 sigma combined significance for -1 &lt; y*pi pi &lt; 1 in the most central events.

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  • Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin1980- (författare)
  • Bokan, Peter (författare)
  • Brenner, Richard (författare)
  • Ekelöf, Tord (författare)
  • Ellert, Mattias (författare)
  • Ferrari, Arnaud (författare)
  • Gradin, P.O. Joakim (författare)
  • Madsen, Alexander (författare)
  • Öhman, Henrik (författare)
  • Rangel-Smith, Camilla (författare)
  • De Bruin, Pedro Sales (författare)
  • Zwalinski, L. (författare)
  • Uppsala universitetTeknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet (utgivare)

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  • Del av/supplement till:channel record
  • Ingår i:VärdpublikationPhysical Review C96:62469-9985


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  • 264446 (Naturvetenskap hsv)
  • 274895 (Fysik hsv)
  • 331602 (Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin 1980- aut)
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