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Atomic and nuclear clusters : proceedings of the second international conference, held at Santorini, Greece, June 28-July 2, 1993 / G.S. Anagnostatos, W. von Oertzen, eds.

International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Clusters (2 : 1993 : Santorini)
Anagnostatos, G. S. (redaktör/utgivare)
Von Oertzen, W., 1939- (redaktör/utgivare)
Kentron Pyrēnikon Ereunōn "Dēmokritos" ('Demokritos' National Center for Scientific Research) 
Hahn-Meitner-Institut für Kernforschung Berlin. 
ISBN 9783642796982
Publicerad: Berlin : Springer, c1995.
Engelska xxvi, 317 p.
  • BokKonferens
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Part I Papers Presented Orally (in conference order) -- A Survey of Alpha-Clustering / P.E. Hodgson -- Oscillations of Finite Quantal Fermi Systems / R.A. Broglia, F. Alasia, G. Colo, H.E. Roman, Ll. Serra -- Clustering Aspects of Nuclei with Octupole and Superdeformation / S. Aberg, L.-O. Jonsson -- Electronic Shells and Supershells in Large Trivalent Metal Clusters / M. Pellarin, B. Baguenard, C. Bordas, J. Lerme, J.L. Vialle and M. Broyer -- Optical Response and Shapes of Charged Sodium Clusters; An Analogue of the Nuclear Giant Dipole Response / J. Pedersen, J. Borggreen, P. Chowdhury, N. Kebaili, L. Lundsberg-Nielsen, K. Liitzenkirchen, M.B. Nielsen and H.D. Rasmussen -- The Giant Dipole Resonance Photons and the Shapes of Hot Er and Sn Nuclei / A. Bracco, F. Camera -- RPA in Nuclei and Metal Clusters / P.-G. Reinhard, S. Weisgerber, O. Genzken, M. Brack -- Optical Response of Bimetallic LixNas8(0≤ x ≤8) and of Doped Na8Zn Clusters / L.C. Balbás, A. Rubio, M.B. Torres -- Clustering States in the 62Ni(5SNi,5SNi)62Ni Reaction / L. Vannucci, U. Abbondanno, M. Bettiolo, M. Bruno, N. Cindro, M. D' Agostino, P.M. Milazzo, R.A. Ricci, G. Vannini -- Nuclear Clusters and Nuclear Molecules / B.R. Fulton -- Collisional Process Involving Atomic Cluster Ions / J. Hirokawa, M. Ichihashi, S. Nonose, T. Kondow -- Fragmentation of Gold Clusters Stored in a Penning Trap / St. Becker, G. Dietrich, H.-U. Hasse, N. Klisch, H.-J. Kluge, D. Kreisle, St. Kruckeberg, M. Lindinger, K. Lutzenkirchen, L. Schweikhard, H. Weidele and J. Ziegler -- Binary Nuclear Molecules of an a-Particle and a Heavier Cluster / M.Brenner -- Electronic Structure and Properties of Designer Clusters and Cluster-Assemblies / S.N. Khanna and P. Jena -- Nuclear Clustering Aspects in Astrophysics / S. Kubono -- Alpha Clustering and the Stellar Nucleosynthesis of Carbon / H. Oberhummer, H. Krauss, K. Grun, T. Rauscher, H. Abele, P. Mohr, G. Staudt. 
  • The Optical Response of Anionic Alkali Metal Clusters / J.M. Pacheco and W. Ekardt -- Alpha Chain States in 4N-Nuclei / A.C. Merchant, W.D.M. Rae -- Many-Particle Decays of a-Chain Structures in 24Mg / A.H. Wuosmaa -- Linear a-Chain States in Nuclei / L. Zamick, D.C. Zheng -- Energetics of the Fission Process / F. Gönnenwein -- Fission of Highly Charged Alkali Metal Clusters / U. Wiher, S. Frank, N. Malinowski, U. Zimmermann ,T.P. Martin -- Multi-dimensional Tunneling and Nuclear Fission Process / A. Iwamoto -- The CI-NH3 , CI-H20, F-NH3 and F-H20 Clusters and Their Photoelectron Spectra / U. Kaldor -- Nonlinear Approach in the a-Cluster Model / K.A. Gridnev -- Spectroscopy of Microclusters in Superfluid Helium / J.H.M. Beijersbergen, Qin Hui and M. Takami -- Effects of the Cluster Surface on the Electronic Shell Structure: Faceting, Roughness and Softness / J. Mansikka-aho, M. Manninen, E. Hammarén -- Free Clusters of Copper Atoms: A Study of Structural Size Effects / D. Reinhard, P. Berthoud, D. Ugarte, B.D. Hall, R. Monot -- Very Neutron-Rich Exotic Nuclei / F. Pougheon -- Clustering Aspects of Light Exotic Nuclei / J.S. Vaagen, I.J. Thompson, J.M. Bang, M.V. Zhukov, B.V. Danilin, D.V. Fedorov -- Neutron-Rich Nuclei Studied with AMD / H. Horiuchi, Y. Kanada-En'yo, A. Ono -- Ionic Hydrogen Clusters: Structure and Fragmentation / B. Farizon, M. Farizon, M.J. Gaillard, E. Gerlic and S. Ouaskit -- Statistical Multifragmentation / D.H.E. Gross -- Probing the Structure and Dynamics of Cage-Like Clusters: From Water to Met-Cars / A.W. Castleman, Jr. -- Water Clusters: The (H2 0)64 Case / S.C. Farantos -- Superconductivity in Fullerenes: Buckyballs / R. Friedberg, T.D. Lee, and H.C. Ren -- Synthesis of C60 Atomic Clusters and Magnetization Studies of Superconducting Rb3 C6o / P. Papanikolaou, S. Zolatas, M. Galatsida, C. Politis -- Xe+ -Ion Capture by Neutral Ar and Ne Clusters / P. Scheier, B. Schiestl, M. Lezius, M. Foltin, M. Kolibiar and T.D. Mark -- Higher Nodal a-Cluster Band in 40Ca / T. Yamaya, S. Ohkubo -- Nuclear Structure Effects in Cluster Radioactivity / D.N. Poenaru, W. Greiner, E. Hourani, M. Hussonnois -- Spontaneous Emission of 14C Clusters from A = 221 Nuclei / R. Bonetti, C. Chiesa, A. Guglielmetti, C. Migliorino, P. Monti -- 14C Cluster Emission: A Tool for the Study of Nuclear Structures / M. Hussonnois, G. Ardisson -- Summary of the Conference / Walter Greiner. 
  • Part II Contributions/Posters (in alphabetical order) -- Possible Water Cluster Formation by Dilution and Succussions / G.S. Anagnostatos, P. Pissis, and K. Viras -- The Quadrupole Moment of the Neutron-Halo Nucleus 11Li / E. Arnold, J. Bonn, A. Klein, P. Lievens, R. Neugart, M. Neuroth, E.W. Otten, H. Reich, W. Widdra -- Time-Dependent Schrodinger Approach to Sub-barrier Fission / N. Carjan, O. Serot, D. Strottman -- The Semimicroscopic Algebraic Cluster Model of Atomic Nuclei / J. Cseh -- Some Predictions of New Spontaneous Cluster Emitters and Mechanism of Cluster Decay / W. Furman, S. Kadmensky, Yu. Tchuvilsky -- On the Localization of Electrons and Holes in Hgn and Rare-Gas Clusters / M.E. Garcia, K.H. Bennemann -- Fission Barriers for Na2N+ Cluster Dissociation / F. Garcias, J.A. Alonso, M. Barranco, J.M. Lopez, A. Mafianes, and J. Nemeth -- Theoretical Calculations of the Relative Stability of Li6 Isomers / G. Gardet, F. Rogemond and H. Chermette -- Van der Waals Adducts: Spectroscopy and Reactivity of Styrenes Clustered with Various Molecules / A. G. Guidoni, A. Mele, S. Piccirillo, M. Coreno, M. Snels -- Ground State Systematics of Spheroidally Deformed Sodium Clusters in the Jellium Model / T. Hirschmann, M. Brack, J. Meyer -- Parametrization of the Effective Potential in Sodium Clusters / B.A. Kotsos and M.E. Grypeos -- Elastic α+28Si Scattering - Thick Target Measurements and Results / P. Manngard -- Weak Coupling in the Upper Part of the sd-Shell and a-Clustering in 38 Ar / I. Miyamoto, S. Ohkubo -- Properties of 8Be and12C Deduced from the Folding-Potential Model / P. Mohr, H. Abele, V. Kolle, G. Staudt, H. Oberhummer, H. Krauss -- Similarities in Shell Structure Calculation of Atomic Clusters and Nuclei / H. Muller, Ch. Opitz, M. Muller -- Vibrating Potential Model for Giant Resonances in Deformed Metal Clusters and Atomic Nuclei / V.O. Nesterenko. 
  • A Hollow-Cathode Plasma Sputter Source for Production of Metal Cluster Beams / M.B. Nielsen, J. Borggreen, K. Hansen, J. Pedersen, B. Holst, M. Krogh, H.D. Rasmussen, E. Søndergard, A. Xenoulis -- Symmetrized Harmonic Oscillator SU3 States for Multi-cluster Systems / A. Novoselsky, J. Katriel -- Search for Cluster Decay of 114Ba / Yu.Ts. Oganessian, Yu.A. Lazarev, V.L. Mikheev, Yu.A. Muzychka, I. V. Shirokovsky, S.P. Tretyakova, V.K. Utyonkov -- Cluster Preformation in Closed- and Mid-shell Nuclei / D.N. Poenaru, W. Greiner -- The Breakup of 24Mg into 16O and 8Be / The Charissa Collaboration: J.S. Pople, N.M. Clarke, B.R Fulton, M.J. Leddy, J.T. Murgatroyd, Y. Chan, RG. Stokstad, W.D.M. Rae, W.N. Catford, S.P. Fox, G.J. Gyapong, D.L. Watson, S.J. Bennett -- Variational Approach to Metal Cluster Dynamics / J. da Providencia Jr., R de Haro -- Dipole Excitation of Na Clusters with a Non-local Energy Density / A. Puente, Ll. Serra, M. Casas -- Experimental Investigation on Carbon Cluster Structuren / F. Roussel, M. Perdrix, P. Pradel -- Coexistence of a-Clustering and Shell Structure in 40Ca / T. Sakuda, S. Ohkubo -- Phonon Density of States in Nano-Clusters / W. Schommers, C. Syros, C. Politis, N. Athanasiou -- Charge Transfer and Radical Ion Formation in Fullerene Solution / Y. Tai, T. Osaki, M. Tawaza, S. Tanemura, K Inukai, S. Sakakibara, K. Ishiguro, Y. Sawaki, Y. Saito, H. Shinohara, H. Nagashima -- On the Electronic Shell Structure of Metallic Spheres and Circular Discs / B. Tatievski, P. Stampfli, K. H. Bennemann -- Absolute Alpha-Decay Width of 212Po in a Mixed Shell-and-Cluster Model / K Varga, RG. Lovas, RJ. Liotta -- Microscopic Multicluster Description of Neutron Halos / K Varga, RG. Lovas, Y. Suzuki -- Atomic Shell Structures Observed in Photoionization Spectra of Nickel and Cobalt Clusters / J .L. Vialle, M. Pellarin, B. Baguenard, J. Lerme and M. Broyer -- Molecular Dynamics Study of A18B Lennard-Jones Clusters / Q. Wang, M.P. Iñiguez, J.A. Alonso -- The Competition Between Cluster and Constituent Multiparticle Emission as a Means to Identify the Reaction Mechanism / A.C. Xenoulis, A.E. Aravantinos, E. Adamides -- Core-Excited a-Cluster Structure in 44Ti / T. Yamada, S. Ohkubo -- Laser Induced-Ion Enhanced Binary Nucleation in Vapors / V. Zafiropulos, C. Fotakis, J.A.D. Stockdale -- Nuclear Clusters in Dissipative Medium / V. Zagrebaev -- Monopole and Quadrupole Incompressibility of the Hydrogen Atom Using Deformed Oscillation Trial Wave Functions / L. Zamick. 
  • The subject of clusters - small aggregates of particles - is a topic of primary interest in both atomic and nuclear physics, and also in other fields like in the case of baryons and in cosmology. The interplay between atomic and nuclear physics is a particularly fascinating one because many concepts are common to both fields (quantal effects, shells, geometric structures, collective modes, fission etc.). 


Microclusters  -- Congresses (LCSH)
Cluster theory (Nuclear physics)  -- Congresses (LCSH)


QC173.4.M48 (LCC)
539.6 (DDC)
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