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020 a 9781788012669q pdf
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020 a 1788015134q ePub
020 z 9781782629955 (Print)
020 z 1782629955 (Print)
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2451 0a Attosecond molecular dynamics /c edited by Marc J. J. Vrakking, Franck Lepine.
264 1a [utgivningsort ej angiven] :b Royal Society of Chemistry,c 2018
264 4c ©2019
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490a Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series,x 2041-319X ;v 13
505a Introduction / Marc J. J. Vrakking and Franck Lepine -- Low-dimensional Models for Simulating Attosecond Processes in Atoms and Molecules / Jérémie Caillat, Alfred Maquet, François Risoud and Richard Taïeb -- First-principles Many-electron Dynamics Using the B-spline Algebraic Diagrammatic Construction Approach / V. Averbukh and M. Ruberti -- Ultrafast Electron Dynamics as a Route to Explore Chemical Processes / Alexander I. Kuleff -- Time-dependent Multiconfigurational Theories of Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics of Molecules in Intense Laser Fields / Tsuyoshi Kato, Kaoru Yamanouchi and Hirohiko Kono -- Light-induced Conical Intersections / A. Csehi, G. J. Halász, L. S. Cederbaum and Á. Vibók -- Theoretical Methods for Attosecond Coupled Electron-nuclear Dynamics In Molecular Photoionization / Alicia Palacios, José Luis Sanz-Vicario and Fernando Martín -- How Nuclear Motion Affects Coherent Electron Dynamics in Molecules / Michael A. Robb, Andrew J. Jenkins and Morgane Vacher -- Attophotochemistry: Coherent Electronic Dynamics and Nuclear Motion / J. S. Ajay, K. G. Komarova, S. Van Den Wildenberg, F. Remacle and R. D. Levine -- General Trajectory Surface Hopping Method for Ultrafast Nonadiabatic Dynamics / Sebastian Mai, Felix Plasser, Philipp Marquetand and Leticia González -- Time-dependent Restricted-active-space Self-consistent-field Theory for Electron Dynamics on the Attosecond Timescale / Lars Bojer Madsen, Camille Lévêque, Juan J. Omiste and Haruhide Miyagi -- Real-time and Real-space Time-dependent Density-functional Theory Approach to Attosecond Dynamics / Umberto de Giovannini and Alberto Castro -- Elements of Structure Retrieval in Ultrafast Electron and Laser-induced Electron Diffraction from Aligned Polyatomic Molecules / Anh-Thu Le, Martin Centurion and C. D. Lin
520 a Attosecond science is a new and rapidly developing research area in which molecular dynamics are studied at the timescale of a few attoseconds. Within the past decade, attosecond pump–probe spectroscopy has emerged as a powerful experimental technique that permits electron dynamics to be followed on their natural timescales. With the development of this technology, physical chemists have been able to observe and control molecular dynamics on attosecond timescales. From these observations it has been suggested that attosecond to few-femtosecond timescale charge migration may induce what has been called “post-Born-Oppenheimer dynamics”, where the nuclei respond to rapidly time-dependent force fields resulting from transient localization of the electrons. These real-time observations have spurred exciting new advances in the theoretical work to both explain and predict these novel dynamics. This book presents an overview of current theoretical work relevant to attosecond science written by theoreticians who are presently at the forefront of its development. It is a valuable reference work for anyone working in the field of attosecond science as well as those studying the subject.
599 a ALMA
650 7a Molekyldynamik0 sao
650 0a Molecular dynamics
650 0a Molecular dynamics
700a Vrakking, Marc J. J.4 edt
700a Lepine, Franck4 edt
7760 8i Printt Attosecond molecular dynamicsz 9781782629955z 1782629955
830 0a Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series,x 2041-319X ;v 13
8564 2u Table of contents
887 a {"@id":"s29k02bhq55km8zw","modified":"2020-09-01T15:19:39.168+02:00"}2 librisxl
950 k6 650w ga Dynamiku Molekyldynamik
976 0a Uceebb Molekylstruktur och atomstruktur
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852 5 Ldigb Ldigh Royal Society of Chemistryx hph
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035 5 Ldixa (EBZ)ebs18951697e
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8564 05 Ldixu Online access for Lund Universityz Royal Society of Chemistry eBook Collection 2018
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852 5 Lkcb Lkch Royal Society of Chemistryx hphx lkc202009
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8564 05 Tdigu Online access for KTHBz fulltextz Royal Society Of Chemistry (RSC)
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